What are optional features......

We want to create a different live date, we want different memories!

To meet these wishes, we have implemented a paid optional feature for live dates.


This time, the "with commemorative photo comment" option (usage points: 1000 points) has been added!

Compatible cast members are as follows.

Karin, Nachipoyo, Tsukiya Mea, Yuki Waiting Bataki, Toragami Patra, Hina, Yami, Jugoya Api, Hazuki, Meotan


When you purchase this option, a message from the cast will be included in the commemorative photo sent to you by the cast.

(This may not be handwritten, depending on the cast member.)


How to book optional features

Optional functions are available in the form of "add on live date after booking for a fee".

① Book a live date with a cast member as usual.

② From "Guest My Page", select the live date you wish to add and press "Add".


③ After checking the notes and required points, select the applicable option and click "Go to Payment Confirmation Screen".


④ After confirming the Option Terms and Conditions and points in your possession, please press "I agree to the Option Terms and Conditions and add an option" to complete payment.


⑤ This completes the option addition operation. After the session, please enjoy the checks from the cast that will be sent to your "Album" in the Guest My Page.




If for some reason the option cannot be accommodated during or after the session, the points will be returned within 3 days.

If the option is not implemented during or after the session and the points are not returned within 3 days, please contact us through "Request for Return" in the Guest My Page.