Corporate Philosophy and Impact on Society

1. Providing a place where V's own rights are respected and they can engage in economic activities in their V-form


2. Providing the world with sex work services that are real, high-value, and low-risk


3. to contribute to world peace by building a world where people can be free from the fences of reality and love each other for who they really are


Our Approach to Compliance

Phantom Communications Inc. places great emphasis on maintaining a compliance system.

Because we are a sexually oriented service, we believe that we can gain the trust of our stakeholders by not only complying with laws and regulations, but also by upholding social norms.


Education and Management System

Thorough training for employees and contractors, both at the time of hire and on an ongoing basis.

We have contracts with cast members based on compliance and ethics.


Focus Items

We place special emphasis on the following items in our training and management.

Focus Items

Compliance with tax obligations

Fulfillment of tax obligations in accordance with tax laws

Compliance with the law

Do not actively solicit casts personally (Employment Security Law)

Protection of personal information

The entire management and staff will ensure that the personal information of guests and Cast Members is kept strictly confidential


Not to invade the privacy of guests by unauthorized peeping, recording, or recording sessions with them

Exclusion of gangs

Refuse to pay even protection money to gangsters and refuse any kind of collusion


Clause on licensing, including third party assets

Avatars, costumes, worlds, programs, etc. must have a flow to confirm that they are being used within the scope of the license granted by the author, and have a management system that can immediately suspend use if rights are violated